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R102 Release Notes!


[Official] Updated to Official 0.131.4

[Radar Map] Gyms/Stops/Pokemon now appear instantly on Radar 2.0 map

[Radap Map] Improved Blue Location dot accuracy

[IV List - Gym] Added Snipe button to teleport to any gyms your mons are defending.

[IV List] Added Gender

[IV Popup] Added Gender

[Performance/Safety] We have improved the loading, spawn times and overall performance when teleporting/sniping. This was completed as part of our rework of the GPS system over the holidays in response to the new Location and Geofencing protos added by Niantic. This was required to ensure accuracy when spoofing.

[Spoofing] We have re-enabled "FLU" - Forced Location Updates in Settings. If you are having troubles with GPS signals or Gotcha, please enable this feature. iPads without Cellular are still a work in progress.

[Telemetry] We have started impersonating telemetry on all devices. While we don't know the full extent of what Niantic is doing but we hope this will help.

[Go+/Gotcha] We have improved connectivity on legacy devices. If you are still experiencing issues, try disabling "Compass Calibration" and "Motion Calibration & Distance" in Settings -> Privacy -> Location Services -> System Services on your iDevice

[Assets] Added more shiny icons

[Filters] Added Heatran to Legendaries

[Filters] Updated Babies and Shinies

[Bug Fix] Fixed "middle of the ocean" bug. You will no longer get your feet wet when enabling Fake Location. Sorry about the splash in the water, hopefully your iPhone survived.

[Backend] Updated fields to support new changes in Niantic's protos. Recent changes have affected the way lured pokemon appear.

[Backend] Updated third-party plugins to latest versions adding support for new Apple Devices and new SDK features.

[Jailbreak] Fixed a massive bug causing issues with MITM and loading. Performance should be greatly improved.

[Jailbreak] Fixed bug causing Gyms to freeze in some scenerios.

[Mapping] Fixed Bug with GetGymInfoResponse

[Mapping] Fixed Bug missing Shiny EncounterResponse

[Mapping] Teleporting now loads the map and spawns much faster to improve process time

[Mapping] Added "Disable IV Notification" boolean option to Mapper.plist

[Mapping] Added _________________. Currently in Beta\Private access

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